A Family-Owned Business: All About Donaldson's Alternative Energy

In 1980, Tom Donaldson started his career in the heating and air conditioning field as a boilermaker in the Philadelphia Navy Shipyard. While advancing his skills, he took a particular interest in crane maintenance. From there, he went on to work at Otis Elevator and furthered his skillset in the repair and installation of elevators and escalators. 


Mr. Donaldson brings with him experience that includes working with boilers and pressure vessels for the navy, as well as structural work. He is also experienced in elevator electrical work and the engineering of elevators in several cities. This jack-of-all-trades has even designed and maintained heating and air-conditioning systems of large buildings and ships to the average home owner's home. 


Mr. Donaldson gifted his technical skills to his children. He enrolled them in trade schools and related courses at local community colleges. Since they all shared common interests, Mr. Donaldson and his sons worked together to build various projects from forts with heating and air conditioning, to electrical wiring with switches and outlets for their comfort. As a side project, they also worked together to build motors for vehicles and four wheelers. 


Because of their experience, Donaldson's Alternative Energy's family-operated business carries with them many on-demand skills. Mr. and Mrs. Donaldson have worked hard to grow their business into a company that is dedicated to their customers and their community. 


Donaldson's Alternative Energy Solutions is a family-owned and operated company that provides energy-efficient heating and air conditioning equipment to cut down on expenditures. Since June of 2000, Donaldson's Alternative Energy Solutions has been providing quality service throughout Lancaster, Chester and Delaware Counties in Pennsylvania. We also cover Cecil and Hartford Counties in Maryland, and New Castle County in Delaware. 


You'll find 24-hour service and the highest efficiency units for their application, at the best price for our customers. We also offer electrical services and electrical generators for many applications. 


Donaldson's is licensed in PA, MD and DE.


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